Otagaki Rengetsu,

Covered sweets dish, a rare green glaze inside, with a poem inscribed and signed by Rengetsu: 

White chrysanthemums
near my pillow
scent the night...
in my dream how many
autumns did I pass through?

(Translation used with the kind permission of John Walker,
The Rengetsu Foundation Project)

Kanteibako with certification by Issui, abbot of Jinko'in, fifth in succession since Rengetsu's time, great-grandfather of the current abbot.

c. 1860-1875

Size: 2.4H x 6.2L x 5.9W inches / 6.1H x 15.8L x 15W cm
Weight: 0.53 lb / 0.24 kg alone; 0.92 lb / 0.42 kg with kanteibako